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ROSAPARK - "Easybreath"



  • Agency (& City): ROSAPARK (Paris)
  • Co-founders Chief Creative Officers: Jean-Francois Sacco/Gilles Fichteberg
  • Co-Founder: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar
  • Creative Director(s): Mark Forgan/Jamie Standen
  • Copywriter(s): Nicolas Gadesaude
  • Art Director(s): Julien Saurin
  • Production Company (& City): INSURRECTION (Paris)
  • Film Director(s): Fleur & Manu
  • Production Company Producer(s): Helene Daubert/Mounia Mebarki/Marie Mezeray
  • Agency Producer(s): Lauriane Dula
  • Post-Production Company: Home Digital Pictures (Paris)
  • Director of Photography: Matias Boucard
  • Editors: Nicolas Larouquère/Alyson Gordon
  • Visual Effects Company: Mathematic (Paris)
  • Music Company: Grabuge (Versailles)
  • Sound Design: Jerome Hatchuel
  • Colour Grading: Bertrand Duval/Laurent Ripoll
  • Composer: Laurent Perez Del Mar
  • Flame Artist: Fred Brandon
  • Post-Production: Julie Lagadec
  • Title: "Easybreath"
  • Product: Easybreath Snorkeling Mask
  • Advertiser: Decathlon

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