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LES GAULOIS - "Can't wait for the road"

"Can't wait for the road" AUTOMOBILES


  • Agency (& City): Les Gaulois Paris
  • Creative Director(s): Xavier Beauregard
  • Copywriter(s): Vanina Guillier
  • Art Director(s): Florence Vignon
  • Production Company (& City): HENRY
  • Film Director(s): Bart Timmer
  • CEO: Elisabeth Billiemaz
  • Vice Pdt: Hugues Reboul
  • Account Manager: Catherine Habib Deloncle, Emmanuelle Woehrel
  • Music Supervisor: Lionel Dray
  • Head of TV: Christopher Thiery
  • TV Producer: Julie Malet
  • Post Production : HRCLS (Hercules)
  • Sound Production: HRCLS (Hercules)
  • Brand: Citroën
  • Claudine Borel: Head of International Advertising
  • Title: "Can't wait for the road"
  • Advertiser: CITROEN

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