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DDB Argentina - "Toilets"



  • Agency (& City): DDB Argentina
  • Chief Creative Officer: Hernán Jauregui
  • Executive Creative Director: Facundo Varela / Adrián Piattoni
  • Copywriter(s): Alberto Valencia Gómez
  • Art Director(s): Martín Puiatti
  • Agency Producer(s): Claudio Migliardo / Micaela Picco
  • Agency Senior Account Executive: Graciela Combal
  • Agency Account Executives: Agustina Novoa
  • Production Company (& City): Salado
  • Film Director(s): Rodrigo García Sáez
  • Production Company Producer(s): Federico Ameglio
  • Director of Photography: Mateo Londono
  • Head of Client Services: Martín Sorrondegui
  • Client Account Director: Manuel Quesnel
  • Client Supervisors: Douglas Thurn / Dolores Elia
  • Title: "Toilets"
  • Product: Cross UP!
  • Advertiser: Volkswagen

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