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Wunderman - "Journey to your Dream/Ingrid"

"Journey to your Dream/Ingrid" DIRECTION & CINEMATOGRAPHY


  • Agency (& City): Wunderman Paris
  • Creative Director(s): Benjamin Bregeault
  • Art Director(s): Benjamin Bregeault
  • Production Company (& City): Moonwalk
  • Film Director(s): Ben Briand
  • Production Company Producer(s): Alexis Bensa
  • Agency Producer(s): Valérie Montiel, Estelle Diot
  • CEO: Vincent Druguet
  • Strategist: Lionel Gomez, Katie Barber, Richard Dunn
  • Global Account Director: Marie-Charlotte Belmonte
  • Account coordinator: Carine Dubie, Joachim Durand
  • Global Digital Director: Stephanie Moittié
  • Head of Digital Marketing: Sandro Cardoso
  • Digital Global Director: Pierre Leurquin
  • Title: "Journey to your Dream/Ingrid"
  • Product: Activia
  • Advertiser: Danone

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