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Leo Burnett Chicago - "The Anthem"
United States



  • Agency (& City): Leo Burnett Sydney/Chicago
  • Global Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel
  • US Chief Creative Officer: Britt Nolan
  • Executive Creative Director(s): Vince Lagana, Grant McAloon
  • Creative Director(s): Scott Huebscher
  • Senior Creatives: Nils Eberhardt, Dave Govier
  • Agency Producer(s): Matt Blitz, Christopher Cochrane, Brian Behling
  • Global Account Director: Radim Svoboda
  • Client Service Director: Amanda Quested
  • Acount Director: Ashley Beam
  • Global Account Supervisor: Huy Ngo
  • Business Director: Brendan Swansborough
  • Global Strategy Director: Kara Yang
  • Strategy Director: Christopher Bridgland
  • Director of Celebrity Services: Peggy Walter
  • Director of Music: Chris Clark
  • Music Company: Human
  • Composer: John Christopher Barnes
  • Arranger: Matthew O'Malley
  • Sound Designer: Daryl Pinsdorf
  • Creative Director(s): Gareth Williams, Daryl Pinsdorf, Matthew O’Malley
  • Executive Producer: Jonathan Sanford
  • Visual Effects: a52
  • VFX Producer: Zach Wakefield
  • Edit: Cartel
  • Editor: Andy McGraw
  • Global Marketing for IT and Mobile Division: Younghee Lee
  • Global Head of Integrated Marketing: Pio Schunker
  • Global Head of Experiential Marketing: John Chang Young Kim
  • Global Partnership Manager: Daniel Taehyun Kim
  • Global Partnership Assistant Manager: Allison Daeun Han
  • Title: "The Anthem"
  • Product: Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Advertiser: Samsung

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