Epica 2014 Results

Epica is becoming increasingly global in its reach. This year a total of 585 agencies from 74 countries participated, including newcomers from Cambodia, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Pakistan, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Uruguay. We also welcomed back Belarus, Lithuania, Oman, Qatar and San Marino.

"The jury decided to award a double Grand Prix Digital in recognition of two very different but equally compelling entries. One an immersive, interactive experience that showcased a digital tool and brought the real world to users' computer screens, one an effective, culturally resonant web video - both were jury favorites and we felt both deserved to be awarded both to round out the kinds of work that Epica was recognizing and because both simply deserved the honor."

- Teressa Iezzi, President of the Epica Awards 2014 Jury, senior editor at Fast Company and editor of Fast Company’s creative channel, Co.Create.

Agency of the year

adamandeveDDB 14 AWARDS including 9 Golds See awarded ads

Network of the year

LEO BURNETT 48 AWARDS including 2 Grand Prix
and 12 Golds
See awarded ads
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