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BBDO New York - "Ideas"
United States



  • Agency (& City): BBDO New York
  • Chief Creative Officer s: David Lubars/Greg Hahn
  • Executive Creative Director: Michael Aimette
  • Copywriter(s): Greg Hahn
  • Art Director(s): Ralph Watson/Matt Vescovo
  • Executive Producer: Diane Hill
  • Head of Music Production: Rani Vaz
  • Account Team: Brandon Fowler/Peter McCallum/Gabriela Benitez
  • Head of Planning: Jeff Kenyon
  • Production Company (& City): Biscuit Filmworks/Los Angeles
  • Film Director(s): Noam Murro
  • Director of Photography: Eric Schmidt
  • Production Company Producer(s): Shawn Lacy (Executive Producer)/Jay Veal (Line Producer)
  • Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
  • Editor: Stewart Reeves
  • Assistant Editor: Luke McIntosh
  • Editorial Producer: Melanie Gagliano
  • Music Company/Sound Design: Emoto
  • Composer: Steve Hampton
  • Sound Mixer: Keith Reynaud @ Heard City
  • VFX Company: Method Studios
  • Post-Production Producer: Pip Malone
  • Title: "Ideas"
  • Product: GE
  • Advertiser: GE

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