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TBWA\G1 - "Truckerball"

"Truckerball" OTHER VEHICLES


  • Agency (& City): TBWA\G1 (Paris)
  • Executive Creative Director: Nick Cooper
  • Creative Director: Adam Mandelstam
  • Art Director: Fabian Braun
  • Production Company (& City): Control Films (Paris)
  • Film Director: Emil Möller
  • Director of Photography: Nicolas Karakatsanis
  • Production Company Producer(s): Hervé Dommange
  • Agency TV Producer: Emilie Prud'homme, Guillaume Faurel
  • Agency Head of Music & Sound: Olivier Lefebvre
  • Agency President: Ewan Veitch
  • Agency Brand Leader: Buu Tran
  • Agency Account Director: Thomas Schneider
  • Agency Account Manager: Caroline Allard
  • Agency Head of Planning: Phil Nunn
  • Agency Planner: Anne-Françoise de Taillandier
  • Title: "Truckerball"
  • Product: Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Advertiser: Nissan Europe

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