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HEIMAT Berlin "When you have a minute."

Household Maintenance



  • Head of Client Services: Dr. Patricia Castejón
  • Agency: HEIMAT Berlin
  • Chief Creative Officer: Guido Heffels
  • Creative Director: Myles Lord, Ricardo Distefano, Stephen Quell
  • Copywriter: Axel Didon
  • Art Director: Anthony Montagne, Adrian Staehelin
  • Agency Producer: Alexander Münzer
  • Agency Account Manager: Tim Holtkötter, Nico Buchholz
  • Production Company: Markenfilm, Berlin
  • Director: Ali Ali
  • Producer: Robert Tewes, Johanna Karger
  • Director of Photography: Pierre Mouarkech
  • Title: "When you have a minute."
  • Product: Loctite
  • Advertiser: Henkel

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