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Kikkut "Together we can make Oslo a cleaner city! "


Don't throw trash at Karl Johan

Don't throw trash at Olaf Rye

Don't throw trash at Carl Berner

  • Agency: Kikkut (Oslo)
  • Client: Rusken
  • Creative: Anna Vaagland
  • Creative: David Aasen
  • Project Manager: Hanna Tysse
  • Account manager: Truls Bjergulf Hilland
  • Photo Agency : Palookaville (Oslo)
  • Photographer: Rune Bendiksen
  • Stylist: Cathrine Aas
  • Creative Director: Stig Eilert Svendsen
  • Project Manager (Palookaville): Tanya Wibye Nærdal
  • Photo assistent: Daniel Peralta Rasmussen
  • Model/Actor Karl Johan: Martin Karelius Østensen
  • Model Agency: EB Production (Oslo)
  • Model Olaf Rye: Harald V.
  • Model Carl Berner: Kjell B.
  • Title: "Together we can make Oslo a cleaner city! "
  • Product: Cleaner city initiative
  • Advertiser: Rusken

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