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Alma DDB. - "Spanish Lessons"
United States



  • Agency (& City): Alma DDB., Miami, U.S.A.
  • Creative Chairman / Chief Executive Officer: Luis Miguel Messianu

  • Chief Creative Officer / Co - President: Alvar Suñol
  • VP of Digital: Michael Sotelo
  • Director: Iu La Lueta

  • Associate Creative Director (s)/ Copywriter(s): Beatriz Torres Marin, Gabriel Ferrer
  • Associate Creative Director (s)/Art Director(s): Luis Aguilera
  • Account Supervisor: Cristina Lage
  • Director / Digital Strategy: Carly Sutherland
  • Digital Platform Manager: Alexandra Blasser
  • Digital Content Lead: Gabriela Benitez
  • Digital Content Manager: Samantha Lemoine
  • Executive Producer: Jorge Espinosa
  • Editor: Rick Morales
  • Title: "Spanish Lessons"
  • Product: Narcos Season 2
  • Advertiser: Netflix

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