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Energy BBDO - "New Kid"
United States

"New Kid" FOOD


  • Agency (& City): Energy BBDO (Chicago)
  • Chief Creative Officer: Andrés Ordóñez
  • Creative Director: Amy Ditchman
  • Copywriter: Christy Hale
  • Art Director: Elaine Kalvelage
  • Executive Producer: John Pratt
  • Director of Music: Daniel Kuypers
  • Production Company (& City): Biscuit Filmworks (Los Angeles)
  • Editorial Company: Beast Editorial (Chicago)
  • Visual Effects Company: Method Studios (Chicago)
  • Audio Company: STIR Post (Chicago)
  • Director: Aaron Ruell (Biscuit Filmworks)
  • Editor: Angelo Valencia (Beast)
  • Flame Artist: Ryan Wood (Method Studios)
  • Senior Sound Designer: Nick Bozzone (STIR)
  • Vocals: Emily Taaffe
  • Title: "New Kid"
  • Product: Kerrygold Butter and Cheese
  • Advertiser: Kerrygold USA

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