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INNOCEAN USA - "Alma Mater"
United States



  • Agency (& City): INNOCEAN USA (Huntington Beach, CA)
  • Chief Creative Officer: Eric Springer
  • Creative Director: Kiran Koshy
  • Copywriter: Madhu Kalyanaraman
  • Art Director: Kiran Koshy
  • Producer: Amy Krause
  • Film Director: Kiran
  • Director of Photography: Mike Jensen
  • Color / Finish: Mike Jensen
  • Editor: Adam Henderson
  • Sound Design: Michael Anastasi, Kai Paquin
  • Music: Dustin Ballard
  • Talent: James Arthur Rubiner
  • Voice: Brad Wetmore
  • Location Manager: David Clements
  • Production Assistant: Liz Bedore
  • Title: "Alma Mater"
  • Product: Chewing Gum
  • Advertiser: Atomic Candy

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