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Darewin - "Your Summertime, Your Playlists."

Passport (Passeport) ONLINE & MOBILE SERVICES
Passport (Passeport) ONLINE & MOBILE SERVICES
Drunk Boat (Bateau Ivre) ONLINE & MOBILE SERVICES
Broken Heart (Coeur Brisé) ONLINE & MOBILE SERVICES


  • Marketing Director (Spotify): Franck ROSSINI
  • Marketing Manager (Spotify): Bérangère BIENCOURT
  • Agency (& City): DARE.WIN PARIS
  • Creative Director(s): Damien FOUI & Fabienne FIORUCCI
  • Art Director: Boris LAVERGNE
  • Art Director: Simon CHENUT
  • Copywriter: Thomas BROUCHON
  • Copywriter: Pierre BOURDIN-SAUVIAC
  • Account Director: Edith CHAPIN
  • Senior Account Manager: Clément CHENIN
  • Title: Broken Heart (Coeur Brisé)
  • Product: Spotify
  • Advertiser: Spotify

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