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Mekanism - "It's What Connects Us"
United States

It's What Connects Us (Last Week Tonight) MEDIA


  • Production Company : HBO Productions
  • Production Company: The Mill
  • Music/Sound Company: Heard City
  • Executive Vice President, Consumer Marketing, HBO: Chris Spadaccini
  • Vice President, Brand & Product Marketing, HBO: Jason Mulderig
  • Director, Brand & Product Marketing, HBO: Dana Lichtenstein
  • Associate Manager, Brand and Product Marketing, HBO: Kate Cohen
  • Agency (& City): Mekanism, New York
  • President & CEO, Mekanism: Jason Harris
  • Executive Creative Director(s): David Horowitz
  • Senior Copywriter: Alex Riezebeek
  • Senior Copywriter: Bryan Davis
  • Head of Production(s): Kati Haberstock
  • Senior Producer: Felix Messina
  • Junior Producer: Alex Zubak
  • Head of Brand Management, East: Melissa Hill
  • Brand Director: Cassie Jackson
  • Brand Manager: Emily Jaslove
  • VP, Production: Alice Glinert
  • Director, Production: Louis Tancredi
  • Senior Line Producer: Damien Vena
  • Line Producer(s): Lindsay Singer and Dan Erdman
  • Account Manager, Marketing Operations: Brittany Peterson
  • Editor(s): Joe Simons and Ryan McKenna
  • Assistant Editor(s): Rachel Greco and Matt Campbell
  • Colorist: Mikey Rossiter
  • Designer: Chet Hirsch
  • Compositing Lead: Siro Valente
  • Compositor(s): Brandon Danowski, Krissy Nordello, Sung Eun Moon, James Cudahy, and Andre Vidal
  • Executive Producer: Melanie Wickham
  • Senior Producer: Dan Love
  • Production Assistant : Sam Centore
  • Executive Producer: Sasha Awn
  • Producer: Andi Lewis
  • Sound Mixer: Mike Vitacco
  • Sound Designer: Keith Reynaud
  • Title: It's What Connects Us (Last Week Tonight)
  • Product: HBO
  • Advertiser: HBO

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