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Rethink "Stranger's Voice"

Radio Advertising



  • Agency (& City): Rethink (Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal)
  • Creative Director(s): Aaron Starkman, Dré Labre, Ian Grais, Chris Staples
  • Copywriter(s): Andrew Chhour
  • Art Director(s): Joel Holtby, Jake Bundock
  • Agency Producer(s): Todd Harrison, Heather Blom, Narine Artinian
  • Developer: Ken Malley
  • Production Company (& City): Vapor RMW, Toronto
  • Production Company Producer(s): Kat Stewart, Dustin Anstey
  • Engineer: Ryan Chalmers
  • Account Services: Scott Lyons
  • Title: "Stranger's Voice"
  • Product: Branch Out Neurological Foundation
  • Advertiser: Branch Out Neurological Foundation

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