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BBDO New York - "You Can't Unring a Bell"
United States

"You Can't Unring a Bell" FILMS & SERIES


  • Agency (& City): BBDO New York
  • Chief Creative Officer Worldwide: David Lubars
  • Chief Creative Officer New York: Greg Hahn
  • Executive Creative Director(s): Michael Aimette
  • Creative Director(s): Lance Vining/ Gary Du Toit
  • Copywriter(s): Gary Du Toit
  • Art Director(s): Lance Vining
  • Agency Producer(s): David Rolfe/ George Sholley/ Jack Patrick/ Rani Vaz
  • Account Team: Kathryn Brown/ Lindsey Cash/ Elizabeth Jacobs
  • Production Company (& City): Bullitt
  • Film Director(s): Diego Contreras
  • Production Company Producer(s): Luke Ricci/ Jon Dawes
  • Director of Photography: Mátyás Erdély
  • CEO: Todd Makurath
  • Editorial Company: Cosmo Street/ Trim Editorial
  • Editor: Paul Hardcastle
  • Assistant Editor: Joshua Berger
  • Executive Producer: Maura Woodward
  • Producer: Anne Lai
  • Composer: Max De Wardener
  • Sound Engineer: Michael Marinelli
  • Sound Mix Company: Sonic Union
  • VFX Company : A52
  • Colorist: Tim Masick
  • VFX Supervisor: Andy Rafael Barrios
  • Producer: Drew Rissman/ Rochelle Brown
  • Executive Producer: Patrick Nugent
  • Head of Production: Kim Christensen
  • Telecine Company: Company 3
  • Title: "You Can't Unring a Bell"
  • Product: GE
  • Advertiser: GE

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