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J. Walter Thompson London - "Ash to Art"
United Kingdom

"Ash to Art" EVENTS
"Ash to Art" EVENTS


  • Agency (& City): J. Walter Thompson London
  • Copywriter(s): Giles Hepworth and Bill Hartley
  • Art Director(s): Giles Hepworth and Bill Hartley
  • Film Director(s): Leif Johnson
  • Agency Producer(s): Kate Duncan
  • Graphic Design: Chris Hutton
  • Digital Artwork: Chris Hutton
  • ECD: Russell Ramsay
  • Head of Art: Dave Dye
  • Head of Communications: Noel Bussey
  • Senior Account Director: Sophia Redgrave
  • Account Director: Lynsey Houston
  • Account Manager: Jonah Werth
  • Head of Content Production: Rachel Moss
  • Editor and Sound Design: Peter Croker
  • Camera: Ed Saunders
  • Fine art consultant: Axel Chaldecott
  • Creative Producer: Steve Hedge
  • Developer: Dave Morgan
  • TV Producer: Khirsty McCarter
  • Assistant TV Producer: Liberty Willison
  • Director of Brunswick PR: John Diviney
  • Account Director Brunswick PR: Charlotte Sidwell
  • New Century PR : Lesley Booth
  • Title: "Ash to Art"
  • Product: Glasgow School of Art
  • Advertiser: Glasgow School of Art

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