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  • Agency (& City): ROSAPARK (Paris)
  • Co-founder Chief Creative Officer: Gilles Fichteberg
  • Co-founder Chief Creative Officer: Jean-Francois Sacco
  • Co-founder: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar
  • Copywriter(s): Louise Mussot
  • Art Director(s): Cerise Leclerc
  • Managing Director/Head of Planning: Sacha Lacroix
  • Associate Director: Quentin Labat
  • Film Director(s): Thirty Two
  • Production Company (& City): INSURRECTION (Paris)
  • Production Company Producer(s): Helene Daubert
  • Executive Producer: Xavier Doncel (Garage Films)
  • Post-Production Company: MATHEMATIC
  • Post-producer: Guillaume Audibet
  • Sound Production Company: SCHMOOZE
  • Sound Design: Matthieu Sibony/Sylvain Rety
  • Agency Producer(s): Adelaide Samani
  • Strategic Planner: Alexandre Ribichesu
  • Account Manager: Bérangère Puch
  • Project Manager: Marine Dachary
  • Account Director in charge of social media: Jeanne Neuschwander
  • Social Media Manager: Clémentine Roux
  • CRM Manager: Marie Abadie
  • Client Head of Marketing: Florence Chaffiotte
  • Client Brand Director: Nicolas Gobert
  • Client Head of media, social media and brand content: Stéphanie Jallet
  • Client Head of PR and Communications: Marion Denonfoux
  • Title: "LABEL OF LOVE"
  • Product: Monoprix - 85 years of the brand
  • Advertiser: Monoprix

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