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White Rabbit Budapest - "We are all connected"

"We are all connected" DIRECTION & CINEMATOGRAPHY


  • Agency (& City): White Rabbit Budapest
  • Creative Director(s): Istvan Bracsok / Levente Kovacs
  • Art Director(s): Marcell Szoke
  • Client Service Director: Levente Balint
  • Film Director(s): Laszlo Ruska / David Ringeisen
  • Production Company (& City): Moholy-Nagy University Of Art And Design, Budapest / Vertigo Digital, Budapest
  • Production Company Producer(s): Jozsef Fulop
  • Dramaturgy: Rita Domonyi
  • Composer: Attila Pacsay
  • Character Design: David Ringeisen
  • Clients: Alexa Antal / Zsofia Joo
  • Editor: Judit Czako
  • Production Manager: Krisztina Hollo Leleszi
  • CG Supervisor: Laszlo Ruska
  • Models and Textures: Miklos Erdei / Kamilla Kubisch / David Ringeisen / Laszlo Ruska
  • Rigging: Szabolcs Szabados
  • Animators: Zoltan Szalay / Roland Peter Bodis / David Ringeisen
  • Effects: Csaba Kiss / Gabor Pulai
  • Lighting: David Svantner
  • Compositors: Laszlo Ruska / Zsolt Ormandlaky
  • Title: "We are all connected"
  • Product: WWF
  • Advertiser: WWF Hungary

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