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Cossette - "Piano"



  • Agency (& City): Cossette (Toronto)
  • Chief Creative Officer(s): Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi
  • Art Director(s): Spencer Dingle, Justin Poulsen
  • Copywriter: Jordan Hamer
  • Chief Strategy Officer: Jason Chaney
  • Agency Producer: Sharon Yokoyama
  • Production Company (& City): Frank Content (Toronto)
  • Film Director: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz
  • Editor: Nicole Lawr
  • VFX Online/Colorist: Alex Boothby
  • Audio House(s): MassiveMusic, PrimeChuck, Berkeley (Toronto)
  • Account Executive: Isabella Iannetta
  • Account Supervisor: Solomiya Gritskiv
  • VP, Client Leader: Wendy Morgado
  • SVP, Director of Client Service: Janis Lindenbergs
  • Director, Strategy: Lisa Hart
  • Director of Photography: German Lammers
  • Production Company Producer(s): Danielle Kappy, John Barreiro
  • Editing House: Soda (Toronto)
  • Executive Producer: Mina Jang
  • Production Coordinator: Laura Bossy
  • Music House(s): MassiveMusic, PrimeChuck (Toronto)
  • Music Creative Director: Elijah Torn
  • Music Executive Producer: Charlie Janson
  • Audio Engineer: Jared Kuemper
  • Casting Company: Jigsaw Casting (Toronto)
  • Casting Agent: Shasta Lutz
  • Media Company: Cossette Media (Toronto)
  • Media Planners: Lexy Khoo, Charles Morin
  • Director, Marketing and Communications (Banff Centre): Matt Matheson
  • VP, Marketing and Communications (Banff Centre): Lisa Cooke
  • President, Banff Centre: Janice Price
  • Curator of Walter Phillips Gallery (Banff Centre): Peta Rake
  • Title: "Piano"
  • Product: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
  • Advertiser: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

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