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DDB Group Germany (Berlin) "Highlight the Remarkable"

Grand Prix
Fashion, Footwear & Personal Accessories

The remarkable Edith

The remarkable Katherine

The remarkable Lise

  • Agency (& City): DDB Group Germany (Düsseldorf)
  • Chief Creative Officer: Dennis May
  • Creative Director(s): Kristine Holzhausen, Stefan Rehne
  • Art Director(s): Vera Ickert
  • Copywriter(s): Teresa Berude
  • Graphic Design: Kathrin Stenger
  • Account Director: Mona Elobeid
  • Idea: Vera Ickert and Teresa Berude
  • Strategic Planning: Christian Bihn
  • Business Director: Philipp Starck
  • Junior Account Manager: Malte Kraft
  • Post Production: Stefan Kranefeld Imaging
  • Title: "Highlight the Remarkable"
  • Product: Stabilo Boss Highlighter Pen
  • Advertiser: STABILO International GmbH

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