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CHE Proximity - "Making the List"

"Making the List" ONLINE ADS
"Making the List" ONLINE ADS
"Making the List" ONLINE ADS
"Making the List" ONLINE ADS
"Making the List" ONLINE ADS


  • Agency (& City): CHE Proximity, Australia
  • Chief Creative Officer: Ant White
  • Group Creative Director: Brian Jefferson
  • Senior Copywriter(s): Ashley Wilding, Cameron Brown
  • Senior Art Director: Daniel Davison
  • Group Account Director: Mariana Rice
  • Head of TV Production: Julie Duff
  • Head of Design: Jason Young
  • Senior Designer: Vanessa Saporito
  • Production Company: Yell Design, Melbourne
  • Senior Account Manager: Claire Hawksford
  • LEGO Builder: Nigel Hill
  • CEO: Chris Howatson
  • Managing Director: David Halter
  • Operations: Roma Stein
  • Producer: Lisa Ristuccia
  • Title: "Making the List"
  • Product: LEGO
  • Advertiser: LEGO Australia

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