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NORD DDB Stockholm "A classic. With bacon."


Mona Lisa with bacon

American Gothic with bacon

Vincent van Gogh with bacon

  • CCO, NORD DDB STO: Andreas Dahlqvist
  • Client Director, NORD DDB STO : Johanna Björnfot
  • Client Manager, NORD DDB STO: Erik Woxberg
  • Copywriter, NORD DDB STO: Petter Dixelius
  • Copywriter, NORD DDB STO : Svante Pårup
  • Art Director, NORD DDB STO: Joel Ekstrand
  • Art Director, NORD DDB STO: Anton Bolin
  • Graphic Designer, NORD DDB STO: Sebastian Reinbring
  • Graphic Designer, NORD DDB STO: Ylva Höckerlind
  • Retoucher, NORD DDB STO: Christian Björnehag
  • Print Production Manager, NORD DDB STO: Anna Lisspers
  • Marketing Director, McDonald´s Sweden : Christoffer Rönnblad
  • Senior Marketing Manager, McDonald´s Sweden: Lisa Palm Danielsson
  • Marketing Manager, McDonald´s Sweden : Selma Felic
  • Title: "A classic. With bacon."
  • Product: Big Mac Bacon
  • Advertiser: McDonald's

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