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Lola Mullen Lowe Paris "Who is the original and who is the copy?"


Christopher Lee vs Lee Clow

Michael Cain vs Sir Franck Lowe

Peter Graves vs Maurice Levy

Mike Horn vs Olivier Altmann

Jorge Garcia vs Pierre Berville

Frank Provost vs Stéphane Xiberras

Clint Eastwood vs Sir John Hegarty

  • Entrant Company: Lolamullenlowe Paris
  • Creative director: Chacho Puebla
  • Copywriter: Cédric Luceau
  • Copywriter: Antoine Colin
  • Copywriter: Philippe Lopez
  • Art Director: Jordan Lemarchand
  • Title: "Who is the original and who is the copy?"
  • Product:
  • Advertiser: JOELAPOMPE.NET

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