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Marcel "Commitment is sexy"

Recreation & Leisure

My favourite position is by your side

I love the way you put your toothbrush in my glass

Looking forward to slipping my underwear in your drawer

I want your fingers all over my apartment keys

I want to have you on my desk in a nice frame

  • Entrant Company: Marcel
  • Agency: Marcel
  • CEO, Marcel: Pascal Nessim
  • CEO, Marcel: Charles Georges-Picot
  • Chief Creative Officer Publicis France: Anne de Maupeou
  • Executive Creative Director, Marcel: Gaëtan du Peloux
  • Executive Creative Director, Marcel: Youri Guerassimov
  • Creative, Marcel: Laura Aondio
  • Creative, Marcel: Francesca Vitello
  • Creative, Marcel: Virgile Lassalle
  • CSO & Managing Partner, Marcel: Nicolas Levy
  • Associate Director, Marcel: Sébastien Jauffret
  • Strategic Planner, Marcel: Léoda Esteve
  • Strategic Planner, Marcel: Alexandre Honoré
  • Account Manager, Marcel: Angelo Giordano
  • Account Executive, Marcel: Claire Sioufi
  • Project manager, Marcel: Marine Borreil
  • Social Media Manager, Marcel: Constance Bonardi
  • Print Producer, Marcel: Suzanne Pereira Dias
  • Print Producer, Marcel: Nathalie Turmel
  • Model Maker, Marcel: Christophe Gillon
  • Motion Designer, Marcel: Olivia Garaud
  • Motion Designer, Marcel: Maxime Philippeaux
  • Motion Designer, Marcel: Vincent Iweins
  • Advertiser: Meetic
  • CEO Match Groupe EMEA & APAC : Alexandre Lubot
  • CEO Meetic : Matthieu Jacquier
  • VP Markets Europe, Meetic : Sophie Ak Gazeau
  • Consumer & Marketing Director Europe, Meetic : Jérôme Rivière
  • Marketing Manager Europe, Meetic : Julie Deffontaines
  • Social Media Manager Europe, Meetic : Clara Lesaulnier
  • France Market Director, Meetic : Héloïse des Monstiers
  • Title: "Commitment is sexy"
  • Product:
  • Advertiser: Match

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