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BETC "Bleep"

Humour in Advertising

Episode 1—The Shoot

Episode 2—Family Dinner

Episode 3—The Big Set

  • Entrant Company: BETC
  • Chief creative officer: Stéphane XIBERRAS
  • Creative director: Eric ASTORGUE
  • Copywriter: Martin ROCABOY
  • Assistant art director: Anouk BOSSOIS
  • Strategic planning: Antoine PIVARD
  • Traffic: Elodie DIANA
  • TV producer: David BRAKHA
  • TV producer: Isabelle MENARD
  • Producer: Hugo DIAZ
  • Director: Martin WERNER
  • Brand management: Emilie PIETRINI
  • Brand management: Céline PONTYGAYOT
  • Brand management: Juliette OVARLEZ
  • Brand management: Eugénie RODRIGUES
  • Agency management: Bertille TOLEDANO
  • Agency management: Guillaume ESPINET
  • Agency management: Marie LEQUIME
  • Agency management: Mathilde LANCON
  • Agency management: Ténée DIOUF
  • Title: Episode 1—The Shoot
  • Product: Canal+
  • Advertiser: Canal +

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